Singaporeans Studying Overseas Try Desperately to Return Home Amid COVID-19 Crisis

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53-year-old housewife Mdm Zheng had to pay more than twice the usual price for a economy flight ticket in order to get her daughter home safely from the UK.

Her daughter who had been studying at the University of Nottingham since September last year, was supposed to return home in June this year for the semester break.

As the COVID-19 crisis worsened in Europe, Mdm Zheng decided to have her daughter return home early. However, Mdm Zheng was shocked to find out that the flight ticket prices have more than doubled. A usual $1400 economy class return flight now costs $3200 and were selling out fast.

As her daughter’s safety was her top priority, she had no choice but to fork out the exorbitant amount so that her daughter can return home safely.

Mr Chen Jun Jie, a 23-year-old 3rd year student at the National University of Singapore had just arrived in Germany last Thursday (12th March) to commence his student exchange at the Free University of Berlin when he was abruptly asked to return home.

Chen had just arrived in Germany last Thursday (12th March), when he received an email from the Free University of Berlin, recommending that all exchange students return home to their respective countries.

Due to the worsening COVID-19 situation with shops closing and supermarkets being cleaned out, Chen decided to change his flight and return home to Singapore on Saturday (14th March), after spending just one day in Berlin.

While it may be a good experience for many Singaporeans to study overseas, Singapore is still home where you can be safe in situations like the COVID-19 crisis.


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