Makcik Chased Out Chinese Tenant and Yelled Racist Remarks at Her

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A Chinese lady (Missy K) going by TikTok username @missykrissyj took to TikTok to share her encounter with racism when renting a room with her Malay fiance.

She explained that her fiance and her faced difficulties finding a place to rent because many landlords stated their preference as strictly “Chinese only, no Malay or Indian”.

They eventually found a Malay makcik (aunty) who was willing to rent out to them. However the makcik was racist towards the Chinese lady, yelled racially discriminatory remarks at her and threatened to evict them multiple times.

In the end, the makcik did evict the couple out of her flat. Worse, the agent tried to chase the couple out of the flat earlier and had already brought prospective tenants to view the room.

According to part 2 of Missy K’s story, even though her fiance is Malay, he is not a practising Muslim and neither is she. Some netizens speculated that this could be the reason the makcik had a change of heart after initially agreeing to take them in.

Racial or religious discrimination, it is still discrimination. How many of us actually mean it when we recite “regardless of race, language or religion” in our pledge?

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