Young Singaporeans Not Afraid Of The Law, We Want To Support Palestinian Cause

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Activists in Singapore are no longer afraid of being investigated. Recently, three women were charged for organising a procession of more than 70 people along the perimeters of the Istana, which is a prohibited area. They wanted to deliver letters to the President’s office in support of the Palestinian cause.

The women who were charged are: Annamalai Kokila Parvathi (35), Siti Amirah Mohamed Asrori (29), and Mossammad Sobikun Nahar (25). All three of them were photographed looking brave and proud in front of the courts. One of them even posted a TikTok video showing how she dolled up for the court.

Young Singaporeans Not Afraid Of The Law

According to long-time activist Kirsten Han, young activists are not afraid of brushes with the law. The more the police open “pointless” investigations, the more they are used to it. They are not deterred by the authorities at all.

Young Singaporeans Want To Support Activists More

Han thinks the government does not appreciate how disgusted Singaporeans are towards the Palestinian issue. She said that the recent charges against the three women will only make the public want to support them more. It encourages young people to speak up for the truth.

Young Singaporeans Should Speak Up Regardless Of Consequences

She believes that Singaporeans feel strongly about the issue and want to do something, but are oppressed. She urged youths to exercise critical thinking (contrary to what is taught by the education system in Singapore) and stand up for meaningful issues even if it means getting penalised for it.

“For if Palestine is a litmus test for the world’s humanity, it is also a test of Singapore’s principles. And the first indicator of whether we have passed this test is the way we treat our activists and civil society.” -Singapore Youth for Peace

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