Think Twice About That Cruise Holiday On Royal Caribbean, You Might Regret It

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For those of you who prefer to have a holiday closer to home, a cruise to nowhere trip would appear to be a really good alternative to air travel.

Royal Caribbean is one of the companies claiming to offer a fun packed holiday onboard their many cruise ships. Their website is filled with pictures of the various facilities and fun stuff to do onboard to help you relax and re-energize, which makes for a very tempting holiday option.

However,  TikToker @vonsterbelle apparently had an “otherworldly” experience recently when she boarded a Royal Caribbean cruise.

It takes one hour to queue for rock climbing. I would think that a holiday is for people to relax and enjoy, why should people be queuing for so long just to get their turn? Could they have allowed passengers to pre-book instead of waiting?

You can only play bumper car once, and for only 4 minutes. Isn’t this a little too stingy? Where is the fun in that? Try telling your 6-year-0ld child that she can only play it once for 4 minutes!

The time limit in the swimming pool is 10 minutes. Why would anyone in the right mind even bother going to the pool, just to spend 10 minutes?

There were no movies to watch at the poolside cinema. A far cry from what was being advertised in videos, the screen plays advertisements all day or random videos.

If all you are after is just a quiet weekend away from work or the bustling city, the cruise to nowhere might just be for you, but if you are after a weekend of exciting fun and games, you better look elsewhere.

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