Lawrence Wong Appeals To ICA: Give Migrant Worker More Time To Find A New Job

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Bangladeshi Uddin Md Sharif is a migrant worker who was terminated by his employer in March after being harassed by purported “loan sharks”, although he denied ever borrowing any money.

Sharif tried to plead to the police and ICA to stay here for a month in order for him to find a job. However, ICA gave him until 31 May to depart Singapore. Sharif decided to write a letter to PM Lawrence Wong, even if he was not sure the PM will be able to read it before he was deported.

Sharif learnt that PM Wong was meeting his residents for MPS last night (29 May), and so he wanted to pass the letter to the PM directly. However, when they reached the MPS, volunteers said that only citizens and PRs can meet him. Sharif’s friends decided to represent him while he waited outside.

Once PM Wong heard that it was regarding a migrant worker, he decided to meet with Sharif’s friends directly instead of letting his assistants handle it. In fact, of all the residents waiting to see PM Wong, Sharif’s friends were given the very first appointment. 

After the meeting, PM Wong wrote to ICA that evening, to let Sharif stay and continue working in Singapore. This is what Sharif had to say about that.

“I am really encouraged that the new Prime Minister of this country took the time to listen to a migrant worker’s struggles, even though I couldn’t meet him myself. It means a lot to me that he is advocating for me to the relevant authorities, so I have a fair chance to continue living and working in Singapore. His efforts to help me on such short notice, despite how busy he must be, moved me.” – Md Sharif Uddin

Sharif’s flight to Bangladesh is still booked for 5am on 31 May, and he is hoping that PM Wong’s appeal works. Nonetheless, this act by PM Wong really shows that he will be a prime minister who listens to his people, no matter their background. He is a PM who gives everyone a fair chance.

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