Engineer with Transvestic Fetish Hoarded Over 170 Pieces of Women’s Under Garments

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Goh, a 28-year-old Engineer suffering from transvestic fetish (an excessive sexual or erotic interest in cross-dressing), was caught stealing women’s under garments in his neighbourhood, and sentenced to 18 months of mandatory treatment after he pleaded guilty.

On 7th Dec 2019 at around 5am, Goh was caught stealing four pieces of women’s under garments worth $65 and a pair of women’s pants.

Police searching Goh’s home after he was arrested found 176 pieces of women’s clothing from unknown sources.

According to Goh’s family, he has never been in a relationship and suffers from transvestic fetish, where he gets sexual relief by cross dressing as a woman.

Goh has been cooperative after his arrest, and hopes to control his sexual desires through the mandatory treatment sessions.

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