Activist Jolovan Wham Seen in Two Social Gatherings One After the Other Despite Social Distancing Rules

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Local activist Jolovan Wham has posted several photos of a “send off” dinner and breakfast which he had with his friends before he starts serving his one week jail sentence for contempt of court.

In the lengthy Facebook post made this morning (31 Mar), Wham also wrote that he has decided to serve a jail sentence in lieu of a $5000 fine as he did not recognise the legitimacy of the judgement and the law which he finds unjust.

Amid the COVID-19 global pandemic, countries worldwide are already implementing strict social distancing rules, with some countries even implementing lock-downs.

With local COVID-19 cases rising everyday, it is prudent to be more cautious and avoid social gatherings of any kind. Perhaps Wham could have postponed the gatherings or have at least kept the group small. Being socially responsible is the duty of everyone, regardless of political affiliations.

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