Woman Horrified After Buying Thermometer From Japan Home, Claims It Was Used Before

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A Singaporean woman bought two thermometers from Compass One’s Japan Home only to realise that one of them had already been used. Anyone would have thought that they were new as they were packaged in boxes with the Japan Home label. The woman was horrified when she found out that one of them had a name scribbled on it and was probably used before.

This is ridiculous and gross on so many levels. How can Japan Home be selling a USED thermometer during such times, when we are supposed to be practicing good hygiene habits? A thermometer is something very personal. At such a crucial time, when the government is advocating good hygiene habits, promoting social distancing, and with everyone being extra careful because of COVID-19, we have Japan Home selling used thermometers as if it isn’t a big deal.

She guessed that someone must have used and then exchanged it at the shop. If that was the case, Japan Home should have checked before placing the item back on the shelf.

In fact, if a thermometer had been used, it should not be allowed an exchange or refund at all.

The worst was when she encountered rude service after going back to the shop to explain her case. Although the staff eventually gave her a refund “unwillingly”, she has decided to boycott Japan Home. She hopes that similar incidents will not happen again and asked everyone to check their items before leaving the store.

It makes me wonder how many of their products that are being sold have actually been used by someone else before. Japan Home is a huge chain store in Singapore. They have been extremely efficient in trying to get mask and hand sanitisers to their customers when there was a huge shortage in Singapore just a few weeks back. However, this incident is just shocking and beyond words.

Serious actions needs to be taken against Japan Home to ensure that this does not happen again.

Also, please check your items before you leave the store!

[BEWARE OF THERMOMETERS FROM Japan Home SingaporeUPDATE AS ON 29TH MAR, 5:40PM: Japan Home at Compass One unwillingly…

Posted by Michelle Teo on Saturday, 28 March 2020

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