Member of Public Complains About Unhygienic Practice of Leaving Pig Trotters on the Ground at Bedok North Market

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A market vendor Mr Fong (58-years-old) who has been in the business of selling pork for over 40 years, has been accused of unhygienic practices at his Bedok North market stall.

A member of the public (who wishes to remain anonymous) had taken a photo of Mr Fong’s stall, where over 30 pig trotters were dumped on the ground by the supplier in the middle of the night.

When interviewed, Mr Fong explained that the supplier had to place the pig trotters on the ground as there wasn’t enough space at his stall. Mr Fong also said that he will always wash the pig trotters before selling them to the public.

Mr Fong was very apologetic after knowing that a complaint was lodged against his stall for unhygienic practices. He has since told his pork supplier to place the meat directly at his stall table and not on the ground. He also promised that such incidents would never happen again.

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, maintaining a high standard of hygiene is key in combating the rise of infection cases. Such unhygienic practices like leaving raw meat on the dirty market floor should never be tolerated. We hope other members of the public can also report such cases to the NEA via their 24-hour hotline at 1800 – 2255632.

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