Condo Security Guard Allegedly Throws Food Order onto Grass Patch During Altercation with Food Delivery Rider

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Yesterday (4th Jun) a video of an altercation between a female food delivery rider and a security guard at the Linear Condo emerged on Facebook.

In the video, the female food delivery rider could be heard saying that she had placed the customer’s food order on the table, but was thrown onto the grass patch by the security guard.

According to the 19-year-old food delivery rider Miss Ho, she was refused entry into the condo even after registering at the security office to make her food delivery, and was even scolded by the security guard.

Miss Ho then placed the food order on the table at the security office before calling the customer. She claimed that it was at this moment that the security guard threw the food order onto the grass patch. Miss Ho added that this was the second time that she had got into an altercation with the same security guard.

According to sources, the security guard had made a police report after the incident, and police officers were seen arriving at the scene to investigate.

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