Netizens Take Umbrage at Man Talking Loudly on Phone with Mask Pulled Down Inside Bus

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With COVID-19 infections spreading rampantly among the bus drivers in the bus interchange cluster, the authorities have ramped up measures to control the spread.

However, one such passenger has decided that his phone call was far more important than maintaining safety measures while in the bus. A video of this man’s behaviour was uploaded on the Complaint Singapore Facebook group.

In the video, the man was on his phone talking very loudly and making angry threats, all while having his mask pulled below his chin. The netizen who posted the video Doreen Chew, commented that this man has been swearing and talking loudly like a big boss throughout the whole bus journey. The post also mentioned that the man had boarded Tower Transit bus service 854 on 6th Sep 2021 at around 10pm.

The video has since attracted a flurry of comments from angry netizens, with some saying that the bus captain should have been informed, and that he should take action against this errant passenger. Others said that it was the responsibility of good citizens to gang up on the errant passenger and force him to wear his mask properly.

What do you think the passengers should have done?

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