RSAF Scrambled F-16s Fighter Jets, After Malaysian Police Helicopter Flew Over Pulau Tekong Military Training Camp

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September 11th will forever be remembered as a day that terrorists successfully struck fear and terror into the minds of everyone in the world, with the 911 suicide attacks on the World Trade Centre.

Coincidence or not, the Royal Malaysia Police, decided that this would be a great day (Saturday 11th September 2021) to fly one of their 9M-PMD helicopters, not only into Singapore airspace, but over the Pulau Tekong military training camps at around 9.22am (local time).

In response to this, the Republic of Singapore Airforce (RSAF) scrambled two F16s fighter jets from Tengah air base.

This was not the first time that Malaysia has chosen very specific dates to test our defences. On the day of Singapore’s National Day Parade 2021, on 21st Aug 2021, the Malaysian Army uploaded a training exercise video, where they simulated the capture of two crossing sites in order to gain access to the heart of the enemy.

The most suspicious part about the video was the briefing which was given by the commander in English. Prior to this, all the other previous Malaysian military exercise briefings were given in Malay. This was a pretty tell-tale sign about who the intended audience of the military exercise video was for. And on the day of our National Day Parade? This was obviously a blatant challenge to the sovereignty of our nation!

Is this what a purported good neighbour would do? To issue such subtle threats to our nation? To our people? On such memorable dates like the 911 and NDP? What is Malaysia trying to achieve by doing this? To distract their people from how pathetically they have failed in their domestic affairs? I.e. The failure to control the COVID-19 outbreak in their country? The lack of competent leaders to lead their country? I.e. going through three Prime Ministers in three years?

To Ismail Sabri, the newly sworn in Prime Minister of Malaysia, please keep your foot soldiers in check and on a short leash. Such childish acts of threatening us will not work. Singapore’s military capabilities have developed far beyond your pathetic imagination. Settle your own domestic issues before your country really crumbles beyond saving.

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