Who Is The Most Consistent Party In Complex Lee Family Tussle?

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All beliefs and conclusions are made based on the best possible information available at the current moment. Nobody can profess to say he has FULL information at any point of time.

Just as a good judge would do, I look at all the information and information submitted by the respective parties and weigh between them. Do they contradict each other or themselves? Are the reasoning behind each statement, proposition or even mere speculation valid or sound? Are there any circumstantial evidence or justifications available for each proposition or argument?

For this FamiLee saga, I can only say one thing:

For anyone, even for a multi-million Ministerial Committee, to try and prove that Mr Lee had changed his mind or was “fickle minded” in his view about his stance on demolishing the Oxley house, is almost impossible to convince anyone, any layman, that LKY would agree to preserve the house as monument for himself.

The reason is very simple. Even if you could have all the ministers coming out to say LKY had told them he has changed his mind and would not want to demolish the house and would like to preserve the house as monument for himself, it would not be convincing at all because there is a glaring conflict of interests here.

And the point is simple, LKY had NEVER ONCE, went public, be it written in his book, giving interview or even putting up passing remarks that he had changed his mind! All his public statements made while he was alive, were very consistent that he wanted and wished to have his house demolish and no monument to be built for him.

He might have changed his will a couple of times, with the 6th Will leaving out the Demolition Clause but leaving that out, doesn’t mean he would agree to have a monument built out from his own house. There might be other reasons why he left this demolition clause out but that is not important at all.

Most importantly, the Last Will has reinstated his wish that the house must be demolished, in no uncertain terms.

Thus, you can beat around the bushes and trying to give all sorts of excuse to preserve the house, but no, you cannot convince anyone that LKY has changed his mind and would agree to these PAP people creating an altar out of his house and make him God sitting there to be worshiped by others. This is NEVER his wish at all.

Unless, of course, you can prove that the Last Will is invalid, for whatever reasons and does not represent his wish at all. And this could only be PROVEN IN COURT of Law, not in the Parliament circus.

There is nothing legally wrong for the current PAP government under his son PM Lee HL to use administrative force to gazette and acquire the house to build a monument for LKY, even if it is against his wish.

But you just cannot have the cake and eat it. By doing so, you are doing it AGAINST LKY’s wish.

This will not be the last nor the first time PAP government has gone against a dead man’s wish but the difference is, it is against their own founder’s wish.

As far as I am concerned, LKY was pretty consistent over this and his two children, LWL and LHY have been pretty consistent over this as well.

I only believe in something consistent.

Unless, if and only if, LHL could prove it in court that the Last Will does not represent LKY’s wish, then I shall reconsider my position.

Original post written by Mr. Goh Meng Seng

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