Singapore Netizen Warns of Citibank Scam Messages; Urge Caution Or Risk Loss of Money & Private Details

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On 24th June 2018, a security-conscious Singaporean netizen Douglas Chow raised the alarm on scammers sending fraudulent Citibank sms-es to unsuspecting Singaporeans. According to Mr Chow, these fraudulent messages when clicked would steal an individual’s confidential user identification and passwords. It would also trick customers to reveal their secret CVV number found on the back-side of their credit cards.

Mr Chow urged Citibank Singapore to send out an urgent advisory to all its local customers warning about this latest phishing attempt which could lead to unauthorized transactions charged to their credit cards.

If you are a customer, please pay extra attention when you receive such unsolicited messages, for your own financial security.

Mr. Chow’s PSA Republished In Full:

URGENT – Pls share!

Scammers are busy smsing unsuspecting Singaporeans now to steal their/your USER ID and Password to make unauthorised transaction. See screenshots.

Don’t FALL for this trick. I received this, simply entered a fake USER ID and Password and guess what? It was accepted and then later redirected to let u enter your CVV number before sending you to Citibank’s real landing page to make you think it is legit.

These black-hearted scammers should burn in hell. And why not?

Citi Singapore, pls send a warning circular to all your customers

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