Tan Chuan Jin Speaks Up For Those Affected by HIV Data Leak

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Speaker of parliament Tan Chuan Jin has spoken up for those affected by the HIV data leak. In his latest Facebook posting, he empathised with those affected by the data leak and likened the public scrutiny of these individuals to that which politicians experience. He urged everyone to “not participate in the online hate that may be generated.” He emphasised that it is important to be mindful of how we respond as individuals.

He called on those reading his post not to link HIV to LGBT individuals, as heterosexual people contract HIV too. He pointed out that whether one is for or against LGBTs is irrelevant in this case, and that we should “Treat our fellow humans as fellow humans, with dignity and respect, care and compassion.”

He ended his post by reminding everyone that HIV is less contagious than the common flu; Singaporeans should not overreact but should instead stand by our fellow Singaporeans. Those who responded to Tan Chuan Jin’s post applauded him for making a stand and thanked him for speaking up for these individuals. His full post is linked here.

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