Singaporean Woman Gets Pressured by Church Friends into Taking Ivermectin for COVID, Gets Hospitalised with Severe Symptoms

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There is a perfectly good reason why we go see a doctor for proper treatment and medication when we feel ill. And all the more why medical advice or medication should only be given by a certified medical professional, not a “play doctor”.

Vanessa Koh Wan Ling took to Facebook to share what had happened to her mother, who decided to listen to the advice of two individuals she met at Risen Christ Church – Clara Ng and Judy Koh, who convinced her to take Ivermectin as protection against the COVID-19 virus.

Vanessa’s mother ended up with several serious symptoms, including dizziness, vomiting, severe joint pain, and inability to walk or even stand, and had to be hospitalised.

Just so you know, the symptoms experienced by Vanessa’s mother are all typical side effects of Ivermectin, a drug used to treat infections caused by certain parasites, and that it would be completely useless against COVID-19 which is a virus not a parasite. The Health Science Authority had earlier stated that Ivermectin is not approved for use as a treatment against COVID-19, and advised people against self-medicating with Ivermectin.

Both Vanessa and the doctors at the hospital could not understand why and how Vanessa’s mother ended up taking Ivermectin for protection against COVID-19. Apparently, Vanessa’s mother was convinced by self-certified COVID-19 experts Clara Ng and Judy Koh after being relentlessly pressured.

Both Judy Koh and Clara Ng told Vanessa’s mother that taking mRNA vaccines were against their religion, and that Jesus would reach out to  them directly if they were allowed to take the vaccines. This made it impossible for Vanessa to convince her mother to get vaccinated.


Clara Ng and Judy Koh later turned their story, and said that it was now a sin for Vanessa’s mother to even take the Sinopharm vaccine, and she would not go to heaven by the time she took her 2nd jab. This was what probably sealed the deal with Vanessa’s mother, who was convinced by her two church friends that she would go to hell if she got vaccinated.

Clara Ng and Judy Koh continued to sing praises for Ivermectin, and how it was the only and best choice of treatment against COVID-19 which will also help purge out the vaccine, and allow Vanessa’s mother to go heaven. This was certainly one of the most nonsensical non-scientific piece of statement ever made in human history, and the honour of it goes to two Singaporeans Clara Ng and Judy Koh.

Ending off her Facebook post, Vanessa advises everyone not to listen to your good friends just because they are more pious at church, because in the end, when her mother’s condition got worse and had to be hospitalised, it was her own family who was sitting outside waiting anxiously for news on her condition, not Judy Koh or Clara Ng.

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