Wake Up Singapore POFMA-ed: Who are the Secretive Admins Behind WUS, Fiercest Armchair Critic of the SG Govt?

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Many Singaporeans would not be surprised that Wake Up Singapore (WUSG) was recently POFMA-ed for spreading falsehoods on the Committee of Privileges’ recommendations. The socio-political page thrives on controversy, anti-government rhetoric, and irresponsible journalism.

WUSG admins would often create controversies over a small issue, and mobilize their followers to ‘cancel’ ordinary Singaporeans for perceived transgressions. They managed to absolve themselves from serious legal consequences, by hiding behind the veil of anonymity. So far, only a few admins are revealed to the public, and they claimed that they are no longer involved in the daily operations. One cannot help but suspect that their actions served as a smokescreen to mask their involvement in stirring racial tensions and spreading disinformation.

Who are the admins behind WUSG?

Ariffin Sha

Ariffin Sha, who founded WUSG, is currently a trainee lawyer at Eugene Thuraisingam LLP. Although he has publicly stepped down, sources who have worked with WUS in the past mentioned that he is still very much involved and in control of the baby he founded.

He is also a political rookie who served as Singapore People’s Party’s (SPP) assistant secretary-general under the tutelage of former SPP chairman Jose Raymond. He left SPP together with his mentor after SPP’s crushing defeat in the Potong Pasir SMC during the last GE 2020.

Sean Francis Han

Sean Francis Han was the former editor-in-chief at WUSG, he claimed to have left WUSG since 8 September 2021. He was one of the activists who held a silent protest on the MRT by wearing blindfolds and holding up the book “1987: Singapore’s Marxist Conspiracy 30 years on”.

Benjamin Matchap

Benjamin Matchap was a former admin of WUSG, he is currently a freelance photographer. Previously, he expressed interest to represent the Arts community as a Nominated Member of Parliament. Ultimately, he did not follow through with his application due to the lack of support from the community.

Are these former admins still active?

It is likely that they still hold significant influence over the direction of WUSG, especially Ariffin and Sean who held senior positions in WUSG. They publicly end their association with WUSG on purpose, to avoid any legal backlash which could jeopardize their personal careers.

The WUSG admins cannot be allowed to operate with impunity any longer, they need to identify themselves and be accountable to Singaporeans. It is acceptable to share dissenting opinions, but WUSG admins have propagated falsehoods repeatedly without consequences. They need to be stopped before they cause irreparable damage to our social fabric.

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