NUS Whispers Facebook Page Peddles Fake News About Noisy Hostel Sex; Be An Informed Reader

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On 5th December 2017, the popular NUS Whispers Confessions Facebook Page published a confession accompanied with the letter from an upset school resident who could no longer tolerate the sex noises made by a NUS student living on campus. The contributor claimed that he or she had woken up to this letter and said that the neighbours did not appreciate their nightly workout.

If you doubted if NUS students were so adventurous, you are right. This same letter was first shared on another overseas university’s confessions page in November 2017 and did not originate from an NUS student. If you had any doubts, look at the evidence below.

So next time you read something incredulous on NUS Whispers, remember its track record and this is one of the instances of it irresponsibly peddling fake news. Be an informed reader.

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