Unhappy S’poreans Mock LTA For Catching Riders With Overweight E-scooters; LTA Accused Of Targeting Easy Victims

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On Tuesday (26 June 2018) evening, Bukit Batok Zone 11 RC publicized a joint LTA-Grassroots crackdown on illegal personal mobility devices (PMD). The night ended with the authorities impounding 6 e-scooters which did not comply with guidelines laid out by LTA, with the heaviest coming in at 37.5 kg, 17.5 kg heavier than what is legally allowed.

This comes after a spate of serious accidents involving speeding and heavy e-scooters where LTA was heavily criticized for their lack of enforcement action against reckless errant riders of PMDs. Surprisingly, there were numerous Singaporean netizens who reacted negatively to LTA’s crackdown on illegal PMDs.

The most common criticism was LTA’s perceived inaction against the truly problematic young punk riders who loved speeding on the roads. Instead, critics accused LTA of targeting the easy to catch riders such as aunties and uncles who use these devices for ease of transport, picking up of grandchildren and even work (delivery riders).

the most stupidest joint operations ever. hunting for scooters that weigh more than 20kg. hilarious and embarrassing.


Now scooter is the new drug… Can be jailed. ”Gangsters” no need to chase liao. Coz if get to confiscate scooter the Gov get more money out of their own Citizens. They get nothing by stoppin “Ahbengs”. And Go green they say…support electric cars and bike they say….but i guess not.


Were any of them ridden recklessly? Some of the scooters there I saw has been setup for utility purposes. I hope you feel guilty for impounding scooters that were used for useful purposes.


So this is where our tax dollars went to^^thank u for putting it to waste;)i wonder how u catch ur so called “Reckless” riders..if they were easily caught i dont think they were reckless..ohhh wait u catching those overweight ones huh??ohhhhhhhhhh this is just some waste of resources.


stupidness at its best… cannot make money on the rd, now make money @ pavement, wont it cause miserables to the public.. everyone is saving money to high cost of life in sg..by using easy personal transport for easy commuting..but this kind of @$$π%%©..making our life even more difficult.. Lost.Trust.Already


Should LTA change strategies and target only those high risk riders or should they apply the law evenly at the expense of everyday users who are responsible riders but fail to comply with the stringent weight demands of the PMD.


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