Foreigner Working In Singapore Wished His Country’s Leaders Were Half As Capable As Singapore’s Leaders

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Responding to an online debate about Singapore’s first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and his deeds, a foreigner from a neighbouring country shared the jealousy he felt about Singapore and her leaders. He wished that his country would have leaders with half the capabilities of Singapore’s leaders.

“I’ve lived in your country for 6 years. I am a neighbour of yours. And I would love to have half of what this great leader has done for your country in mine.”

He lamented how disappointing it was to hear local Singaporeans complain about mrt delays and the little things in life and labelled Singaporeans with unflattering terms like “pampered”.

I want to cry everytime I hear your locals complain about the delay your mrt has caused them, we don’t have it. They scream at bus drivers and say racial slurs of people who do a minor inconvenience to them in public transport, when we don’t even have a sixteenth of it at home. You people are pampered. Your passport is the most powerful in the world.

He ended off with advice for Singaporeans to travel out of the country, live in a neighbouring country and they will finally get to appreciate what Singapore has achieved and how good her leaders truly are.

It costs us an arm and a leg to travel to Europe, even your taxi drivers do it as a way to “get away”. Our taxi drivers scam us of every penny we got.

Your students study in London, Australia and the US easily. And we can’t even afford to send our kids to our top universities.

I understand your country has its up sides and down sides. But please, visit your neighbors and hopefully you get to appreciate what you have and what your leader has done.

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