All Singapore Stuff Guilty Of Fake News Again; Spreads Photo-shopped Image Of Tourism Poster Mocking Malaysia

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Singapore’s alternative news portal All Singapore Stuff was caught spreading fake news once again, this time by spreading an obviously photo-shopped tourism poster making fun of Malaysia.

The original image was a Kansas City tourism poster that boasted 25 million tourists visiting the city annually. In the edited image, Kansas City was crudely replaced with Malaysia and the word annually was replace with a photo-shopped anally. The image was very obviously photo-shopped and netizens should have been able to use their common sense to discern from the fake and real.

Perhaps All Singapore Stuff thought it was a funny image to share but fake news is fake news and they should have indicated it was an edited image so as not to mislead their followers. It is the ethical and right thing to do in this age of massive misinformation online.


All Singapore Stuff has removed the offending post but did not provide an apology or any clarification.


all singapore stuff fake news

fake malaysia tourism poster

kansas city tourism poster

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