PHV Drivers Feel Taken Advantage Of By Food Delivery Firm PLUM; Asks For Greater Share Of Revenue

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Private hire drivers in Singapore are standing up against food delivery companies using their passenger ferrying service to deliver their food products. While it is not technically wrong, there are downsides using private hire vehicles to deliver such products, one of which is the lingering food smells that remains even after the delivery staff has disembarked. In turn this leads to an unpleasant private hire experience with the subsequent passengers.

Private hire drivers feel taken advantage of, as they do not get a share of this food delivery company’s revenue but yet has to deal with the downsides of being used as a food delivery service. They propose that either Grab allows for a new food delivery option where PHV riders can earn an extra cut for the extra inconvenience or allow them to cancel such rides with penalties.


“In the past, businesses offering delivery services usually had to have their own assets for their business and it moved to subcontracting out to other companies for such delivery services…the subcontractor used to have had to have their own assets. In this day and age, companies need not have any assets…

They depend on us, the lay drivers to own/lease/rent the assets. We drivers assume the bulk of the costs and risks (demand and operational) but get a mini… tiny…. Insignificant piece of the pie. I don’t think that is very fair. Do you? Is it time for drivers to group together as collectives and disrupt this unfair but legal (according to CoC) business? Restaurants… Interested to lower delivery costs further? Can PH drivers help your deliveries and a better distribution of revenue be realised?

For a fact, the fruit-like sounding company that booked paid $8 to Grab for the trip below and the driver got $6.40 … For this delivery, the food company earned much much much much more than that. I have checked and each meal delivered cost the restaurants up to $4.50 each. How many meals are in there?

While there is lalamove gogovan rydesend which are much more expensive, the cheaper Grab will be the best option for shrewd operators. Grab, if you are reading this, please have a new Grab Delivery service type and let drivers opt out if they don’t want to do such trips.”

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