Man Secretly Filmed In Bedok Toilet: “You May Be A Man But Doesn’t Mean You Aren’t A Target”

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Why do some people think it is ok to film others in secret? A man who visited the swimming pool at Heartbeat@Bedok claimed that he was filmed in the shower by a perverted, sickly-looking person.

The incident happened last weekend. The man was going to change into his swimming gear when he noticed someone walking around the male washroom, butt naked.

“He was only wearing a singlet with nothing covering his private parts except a towel. The towel which he remove to expose himself time to time while walking around in a male washroom filled with people ranging from kids to adults.”

At first, nothing happened. After his swim, the man went to shower. It took him a while to realize that someone was holding a phone underneath his cubicle, with the camera facing him.

He thought he was seeing things and did not make much of a fuss. Then it happened again. He flew into a rage and hammered on the next cubicle, hoping to expose the pervert.

The supposed perpetrator did not respond for a long while.

“After a long time, he came out revealing to be the same man from before with a long scar from the middle of his chest claiming that he just had heart surgery and denied whatever i said about him filming me. Very willingly offered to me his phone to show that there was nothing on his phone, which i didn’t bother with and asked my friend to dial for the police.”

On hindsight, the pervert could have deleted the videos when he was hesitating to open the door.

The police did not find anything but deemed the case as worth pursuing.

From the Monica Baey case to brazen voyeuristic behaviour in public toilets in broad daylight, it is shocking, revolting and unacceptable that voyeurism is becoming commonplace.

The victim wanted to raise awareness and tell people about the importance of standing up against these perverts.

“It was scary to take actions and confront the man who was filming me… but if i were to [have] held back, he could have easily slipped off.”

Do not let them get away. “This is Singapore but it doesn’t mean you are safe. You may be a man but that doesn’t mean you aren’t a target.”


Source: u/yourlilpeeweeherman

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