Customer Blamed GrabFood For Making Woman Walk To Deliver Food

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A Singaporean woman was speechless after ordering GrabFood and finding out that they are delivering it to her on foot. She could not believe it when she saw that her “rider” was going to walk quite a distance to her house.

“How can Grab assign a delivery lady ON FOOT?!?!?! It’s far from my house, I’m so hungry and my soup will not be hot anymore lah!

I called Grab the moment I saw she’s on foot, Grab told me there’s no other driver in the area. And since she’s on the way to the restaurant it’s not so nice to cancel now.”

She had ordered abalone seafood soup with rice.

Her order came 40 minutes later and although she was famished, she did not want to complain to the delivery woman who already had it hard enough.

She remains shocked that GrabFood sent a person to walk 40 minutes to deliver an order and blames it for having a very bad system. Not only does it take a very long time, the food gets cold and the delivery person is worn out. In the end, nobody is happy.

It may not be that uncommon for GrabFood or FoodPanda to send people on foot but they should review their system and do more to reduce unnecessary time and energy wastage.

Otherwise, what is the point of ordering food delivery when it is faster and cheaper to cook for yourself?

Story credit to Yijun

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