Influencer Made Insensitive Post About Sikhs, Tried To Make Amends By Learning More About Their Culture

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Last week, a Singaporean influencer Sheena Phua who has over 76,000 followers on her Instagram account @sheenaphua made an insensitive post about Sikhs. She posted a photo of two men wearing white turbans standing in front of her at the Singapore Grand Prix and captioned it: “Dang! Two huge obstructions decided to pop out of nowhere.”

Image Source: Mothership

Her Instagram post went viral and made many people, especially those among the Sikh community, uncomfortable. Some netizens said that it was a case of cyber bullying and demanded her to apologise.

Of course, Singapore’s very own anti-racism superhero Preetipls will not let herself be left out of the saga. She also gave her two cents worth on the incident:

In a more level-headed response, the Young Sikh Association (YSA) invited Phua to the Central Sikh Gurdwara to learn about their culture. Phua obviously had to make amends after being shamed online, so she took up the invitation and even helped out in their kitchen.

The invitation by the YSA was a really gracious gesture which helped turned this negative incident into a positive experience for both parties. It exemplified the fact that blowing up an issue and making baseless accusations about racial privilege will never do any good.

In an ideal society, such misdemeanors can and should be resolved by way of fostering mutual understanding and not through more unnecessary drama. This is especially important in Singapore, where harmony between different races, religions and cultures is key to building a resilient nation.

Image Source: Sheena Phua’s Instagram

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