SDP, MOM Argue Over Who Is Right & Who Is Wrong, But Do Singaporeans Give A Shit?

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Yesterday, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) posted on Facebook to demand Minister for Manpower Josephine Teo to publicly apologise for using the POFMA on them. They insisted that they published nothing but the truth and were unhappy to have complied with the Correction Directions (CD). They asked for MOM to retract its CD.

The SDP previously claimed that there is a rising trend of retrenchment among local PMETs, to which the MOM rebutted as false. The Ministry clarified that the rate of retrenchment among PMETs has, on the contrary, dipped. In response to this, SDP pushed the responsibility to the Straits Times by saying that they had only gotten their information from them.

The party believes that it was wrongly accused. Funny enough, it said that it will apply to the Minister to cancel the CD but has until today, not done so despite being aware of the process. As a reputable political party, surely it will know that asking for an apology on Facebook does not count for anything? If they were really right, they should follow through with the application to prove just that and not make more noise on the Internet.

These back and forth arguments make the whole issue as well as the parties involved look very childish. Some Singaporeans may take sides but honestly, nobody cares that much about the percentage growth or dip in the employment of local PMETs. The ultimate truth is, Singaporeans are more concerned about what leaders or potential leaders can do for us. We are not interested to watch people bicker just to prove that they are right.

The government should use the POFMA only when necessary because slapping too many people with it will make it lose effect and significance. As for those who deliberately spread falsehoods, stop trying to gain credit this way and start using the time to earn people’s trust instead.


Mother: Boy, you spelled this word wrong. Correct it now.

Son: Fine. I’m unhappy but I’ll correct it because you told me to.

-2 hours later-

Son: Ma, I’m still unhappy! I was right but why you tell me to correct it? Apologise to me now!

Mother: Boy, you spelled it wrong. If you want, you can ask your friends and teacher for the correct spelling. If I’m really wrong, I will retract my instruction.

Son: I don’t care, I’m right so I don’t need to ask my friends or teacher. I got do my homework so I surely spelled it correctly. I know that I’m right so I’m definitely right!

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