Couple Who Returned From China Quarantined Themselves, and Held Wedding Dinner Via Teleconference Video

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A Singaporean couple who quarantined themselves after returning from China, held their wedding dinner on Sunday in a hotel located in the city. To ensure that their wedding guests were safe, they interacted with their wedding guests via teleconferencing while staying in their hotel room.

The couple, Mr and Mrs You, were unable to attend their own wedding dinner as they just returned from Hunan four days ago and had to be quarantined for 14 days.

According to Mr You, he and his wife flew to his wife’s hometown in Hunan on 25th Jan to celebrate the Chinese New Year. They returned to Singapore on 30th Jan and had to apply for a 14 day leave of absence to quarantine themselves at home.

The couple’s wedding dinner which had been booked for 2nd Feb could not be postponed as that would be considered a cancellation and would incur significant costs.

The couple decided to go ahead with their wedding dinner as planned. Instead of physically mingling with their guests, the couple entertained their guests together with their parents from a hotel room via teleconferencing.

Speaking candidly, Mr You said that it was regrettable that his big moment in life (referring to his wedding dinner) had been affected by the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak. However, he adopted a positive attitude, and chose to go ahead with his “Teleconference Wedding”. He added that having his wedding dinner this way would stop his guests from worrying about getting infected with the virus, which was a win-win situation for all.

While you may encounter obstacles when you least expect it, having a positive mindset, and thinking out of the box will always resolve the difficult situation. We at Singapore Ink wish Mr and Mrs You a happy marriage.

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