Man Throws Rice at Dishwashing Auntie for Clearing His Unfinished Drink

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A fight broke out between a man and a dishwashing woman on Wednesday in a food centre at 45 Quality Road, Boon Lay.

According to a video of the incident, it was uncertain how the two had got into a fight, with the man pushing the poor woman to the ground.

A hawker working at the same food centre said that the burly man had just bought his cup of coffee and placed it on the table before going off to buy his food. When he came back, he saw the auntie clearing his cup of coffee and became agitated.

Even though the auntie immediately apologised, he was still unhappy and dumped his plate of rice onto her. She tried to retaliate but to no avail.

Some hawkers who were interviewed mentioned that the auntie had a habit of clearing drinks and food before they were finished, sometimes leading to small arguments. However, they said this was the first time a big fight had happened.

The police is currently investigating.

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