Malaysian Working in Singapore Cannot Go Home to See Kids

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Dear editor,

I am a Malaysian who come Singapore to work. My work is a manicure artist in orchard. I come to work in Singapore but go home everyday to JB. Because of the government rule, now i cannot go home and have to stay in Singapore to work. If i go home i cannot come out for 2 weeks and cannot earn money. My husband also work here as a cook. He also don’t dare to go back JB because he need work for money. We have 3 young children in JB who my mother-in-law help take care. But she is old and we scared she cannot take care for very long. We don’t know when we can go home. I worry about my children because one is only 8 months old. But we have to come out Singapore work because our children need money to eat. Work in JB we cannot earn enough.

I am worry but I have no choice. I hope I can soon go home see my children.



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