Wild Monkeys Steal Food From Shops and Homes in Marsiling

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Recently, a group of wild monkeys had broken into residential units at Block 215 and 216 Marsiling Lane causing much distress to the residents.

According to Mdm Tan (56-years-old) who lives in Block 216, at least two monkeys had broken into her home and stole food from her kitchen for the last few months. She did not stop the monkeys from taking her food as she was afraid of being attacked.

Another resident staying at the second floor of Block 215 said that the monkeys had been stealing snacks from the provision shop downstairs almost everyday. The shop keeper had complained to him about losses of between $5 to $10 each day due to the thefts.

Mr Lee (48-years-old) who also lives in the area said that the monkeys have become increasingly aggressive and had nearly attacked his dog for staring at them. Several parents living in the area also became concerned about the safety of their children.

Mr Lee also added that the appearance of these monkeys in the residential areas could be the result of people intentionally feeding them in the nearby park. The monkeys might have begin to associate people as a source of food.

Should you encounter a wild animal in your home or residential area, please do not agitate the animal or attempt to feed it. Slowly walk away, and if necessary call Nparks for assistance.

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