Landlord Reduces 6 Months Rent for Beauty Salon, Says He Will Weather the Difficult Times Together

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Unable to operate her business during the circuit breaker period, Mdm Wong (39-years-old) a beauty salon owner was at her wits end, as she had been without income for nearly a month.

Mdm Wong who operates two beauty salon outlets as well as a training studio, said that she has not stopped paying salaries to her employees as many of them depend on that income to support their families.

After hearing of her difficulties, the landlord of her training studio located at Chinatown offered to reduce the rent by 20% for the next 6 months.

Speaking to reporters, the landlord of her training studio said that he was able to help out as the rental property was a family asset which he was not paying mortgage for.

The landlord added that even after the COVID-19 outbreak was over, it would take the beauty salon many months to recoup their losses. By reducing the rent for 6 months, he hoped to give the beauty salon business some confidence to carry on, and to tell them that he will weather the difficult days ahead with them.

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