Passenger Narrowly Misses Getting Hit by Flower Pot Falling From HDB Block in Bukit Panjang

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54-year-old PHV driver Mr Yip had just dropped off a passenger at a HDB block, when he suddenly heard a loud bang. Thinking that someone had jumped off the block, he got down to check and realised that a flower pot had landed on his car bonnet.

This incident happened on Monday (15th Jun) at around 1pm at Block 550B Segar Road in Bukit Panjang.

According to Mr Yip, he immediately made a police report and waited for 20 minutes for the culprit who did not show up.

Police investigations revealed that the flower pot had fallen from the ledge of the common corridor at the 11th floor of the HDB block.

According to the owner of the flower pot, the flower pot had fallen because the ropes securing the flower pot to the ledge had suddenly broke.

Speaking to reporters, Mr Yip said that he hopes that residents who hang flower pots along the common corridor will be more vigilant and check that it is securely fastened to avoid any accidents.

HDB regulations state that a person caught placing objects in a hazardous manner within or outside their flat will be liable to a maximum fine of $2,000.



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