People’s Voice Party Wants to Film Rallies in Singaporeans’ Homes Despite Concerns About Their Safety

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People’s Voice has announced that it will not be going on any walkabouts so as to ensure residents’ safety. It wants to be more responsible than the PAP as it felt that the COVID-19 situation is not stable yet:

“Peoples Voice will not put residents in the predicament of having to engage with strangers on their doorsteps at a time when any person could be a potential carrier of Covid.”

It will likely commence its community visits next week. As a safety precaution, the party will only visit communal areas and do away with door-to-door visits.

Ironically, it will also be holding “Living Room Rallies” this weekend – where Singaporeans are welcome to open their homes for candidates to shoot live speeches.

“If you would like to be a host for a Living Room Rally, all you need is a living room and a Wi-Fi connection, and we will gladly visit your home and shoot our video from there.”

In short, it wants to stop door-to-door visits to protect residents from strangers/potential virus carriers but sees no issue with filming live rallies in people’s houses? This seems a little strange, regardless of whether it will limit its crew to 5 persons.

While it is a new and interesting idea, it may not be the best method given its concern for residents’ safety. If that is really their priority, perhaps they should relook the idea or go for other options?

***Peoples Voice Introduce Living Room Rallies from HDB's across Singapore. LIVE this weekend***The PAP seem…

Posted by Lim Tean on Thursday, 18 June 2020

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