Uncles Turn Aljunied Neighbourhood into Horse Betting Station, Over 40 People Gather to Watch and Place Bets

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Over 40 people were seen gathering at the coffee shop located at Block 97A Aljunied Cresent and surrounding areas to watch horse races and place their bets.

According to Mr Tan (37-years-old) who lives nearby, these punters started appearing about a year ago, and were getting more brazen by publicly calling for bets on the horse races.

Mr Tan added that these people would normally gather on horse racing days, and would make lots of noise and leave cigarette butts and empty beer cans after the race was over.

Another resident who lives nearby 25-year-old Miss Yang said many of these people were not wearing masks and were gathering at the coffee shop to drink beer even when it was closed.

While the police had appeared several times to disperse the crowd, these punters would simply return after the police left.

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