Pritam Singh ‘POFMA’ed Straits Times, Turns Out They Weren’t Wrong

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Pritam Singh published a “Correction Notice” against the Straits Times. He called out its opinion piece for being inaccurate. The article mentioned:

“The WP said it will tilt towards the strategy of fighting to form the Government at the next GE.”

Pritam Singh said this is false. He clarified that the Workers’ Party never wanted to to take over the next Government. All along, their medium-term goal is to have at least 1/3 seats in Parliament. He said his party has been open about this and repeated itself many times.

Wait a minute, let’s rewind.

However, in an old article by Today, Pritam Singh was found to have expressed otherwise. Back then, he said:

“WP is working towards forming the government.”

“There are 87 seats in Parliament. How many do we have right now? We’ve got six… we will not be ready to form a government till we got 44 good candidates, who are elected by the people.

So is that something we are working toward? Well, I think the short answer is yes.”

These statements were made by Pritam Singh himself at a panel discussion at the Institute of Policy Studies. Hazel Poa, who was from NSP but currently in the PSP, and PAP MP Vikram Nair, were also present.

Pritam did not raise any objection at the time. Now, he mimics a POFMA Correction Notice and shames political analyst Gillian Koh for making a “false” statement, when he did in fact voice those views before. He also warned Singaporeans that such a rhetoric will be more common to accuse the WP of being ambitious and make people vote for the PAP instead.

The big question is, did WP forget about its goal or has it changed tack by simply wanting 1/3 seats in Parliament? Why does it exist as an opposition only to stop short of forming a majority?

From Pritam Singh yesterday: “Like many Singaporeans, the WP seeks an evolution, not a revolution of our political system. We will do our best in this endeavour.”

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