M’sia Rejected Woman’s Passport Photo Because She Was Bald

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A Malaysian Redditor was upset by the country’s passport renewal procedure. 5 years ago, they refused to take her passport photo because she was bald. She had to shave her head to undergo a surgical procedure.

“And I told them, but they didn’t let me be photographed. They explained to me that ‘immigration outside Malaysia wouldn’t be able to recognize you if you’re bald’ and I had to ask, ‘what about bald men?'”

They told her that she is a woman so she needs to have hair. Amazing.

Now, her hair has grown out and she has to renew her passport again. She tried to do it online but had her photos rejected 4 times. As if this wasn’t enough, they had problems with her fingerprint. She ended up having to head down to settle everything. She finally did, but not without much trouble and frustration.

“After all that sexist bullshit they spewed about females not allowed to be bald – did I get my passport/IC photo taken in the end? Yes. I wore a wig. And I’ll wear a fucking wig again if I have to.”

How bad can this get? Malaysia boleh?

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