70-year-old Elderly Woman Accused of Repeatedly Stealing from a Watch Shop in Clementi

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It started with a watch, then a alarm clock, and eventually a full sized clock. These were the items that were stolen by an elderly woman in her 70s, who had repeatedly targeted a watch shop for over a month.

According to the lady boss of the watch shop located along Clementi Ave 3, 47-year-old Madam Teo, the elderly woman seemed to be challenging the level of difficulty each time, starting from stealing small items like a wrist watch, and moving on to larger items like a full size clock that was stolen just last Sunday (11th April).

In order to stop the shop lifter, the Madam Teo decided to upload footage of the theft online, in hopes that the shop lifter’s family will stop her.

Speaking to reporters, Madam Teo said she was busy with customers that day (Sunday), when the elderly woman appeared and stole a clock worth $38.

Other business owners in the area also reported instances of the elderly woman stealing their items, including biscuits and food items placed outside their shops.

Madam Teo says that this was the last straw, and she will not hesitate to report the elderly woman to the police if she comes back to steal again.

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