Selfish Woman Refuses to Let Food Delivery Rider Take Lift, Claims She Does Not Share Lift with Others

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Matin See a food delivery rider shared a video of a nasty experience he had while making a food delivery this morning.

The video which has since gone viral on Complaint Singapore Facebook group, showed that Matin was about to take the lift to make his food delivery, when he was abruptly stopped by a woman from entering the lift.

The woman then told Matin to take the next lift, as she does not share lifts. When Matin asked her why she could not share the lift with her, the woman insisted that she was there first, and had the right to use the lift for herself only as there is a pandemic.

Netters who commented on the video quickly came to the defence of Matin, and criticised the woman for being selfish, that she should just take the staircase if she was so afraid.

There were also netters who said that this woman apparently stays in Hougang, and was known to get crazy when other people tried to take the lift with her.

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