Tin Pei Ling Debunks Fake News on Hawkers in Block 80 Circuit Road Having COVID-19

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Recently, a voice recording alleging that three hawkers in the food centre located at Block 80 Circuit Road had tested positive for COVID-19 had been circulating on WhatsApp. The voice recording also urged everyone to stay away from the market and food centre located in that vicinity.

However, just two days ago, this was proven to be fake news, as Tin Pei Ling who heads the Macpherson SMC (which includes the market and food centre at Block 80 Circuit Road), went down personally to the food centre to investigate. Tin Pei Ling who was at the Circuit Road food centre, went on to interview the hawkers there one by one, and ascertained that no hawker there had ever been infected with COVID-19.

Speaking on her Instagram account, Tin Pei Ling urged people to not easily believe in and share such fake news, as this particular incident had really affected the businesses of the hardworking hawkers in Circuit Road who are trying to make a living. She also asks all Singaporeans to continue supporting Singapore’s hawkers.

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