Ex-Sporean Extremist Zulfikar Shariff Back to Old Ways, Taunts Singapore Muslims to Rebel Against Secular Singapore

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We’re familiar with the phrase “a leopard will not change its spots”. But as humans we will always want to give the person another chance to change & improve. Sadly this can’t apply to Zulfikar Mohamad Shariff.
He was detained by Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore under Internal Security Act (ISA) since July 2016 “for his active promotion of terrorism and glorification of the terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) online.” Pls refer to MHA report.
He’s back in Australia after his release since he had also falsely declared to ICA that he had taken Australian citizenship.
Not wanting to change his spots, Zulfikar has been active online using the pseudonym “Zai Nal” to condemn the Singapore government, Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis), Muslim leadership & the community. His postings & comments also stirred emotive response with further baseless allegations.
He has made another recent obnoxious posting against our Singaporean Muslims as shown below. This is in bad faith debasing our plight as “ideationally defeated” compared to the Muslims in Afghanistan & Malaysia.
We can’t allow him to get away with his baseless allegation just like how he had run away from Singapore & taking up Australian citizenship thinking he can hide there to stir emotions in Singapore.
Muslims in Singapore are grateful that we have the freedom to practise our religion in peace alongside our fellow Singaporeans of different creed & race. That’s also the beauty of our Secular State with a soul even protecting the right to worship & taking legal action to those who condemns any of the religions here.
He also fails to under the meaning of Islam which is “Peace”. This is how Muslims in Singapore are grateful that we have enjoyed peace living here & practising our religion in Singapore’s context.
Maybe he also forgot the important Islamic history when early Muslims were persecuted in Mekkah, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) instructed them to seek refuge under the Christian King Negus in Abyssinia then. They had peace under his care.
Likewise Muslims in Singapore cherish our peace under the care of our Singapore government which we will never take for granted especially learning from those examples he had shared.
For those who claim they don’t know who “Zai Nal” is, now they know & pls be careful not to allow Zulfikar to drag them into unnecessary trouble.

Source: Fazlur Rahman bin Kamsani Facebook Post

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