Is Kirsten Han Fighting to Oppose FICA Because She is Afraid of Exposing her Links to Foreign Political Powers?

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Yesterday (23rd Sep), Singaporean freedom fighter heroine activist Kirsten Han updated her Instagram @Kixes, with a post calling for people to support her petition on to stop the passing of the new Foreign Interference (Countermeasures) Act (FICA).

In her petition, Kirsten Han states her reasons for stopping the passing of the FICA, including concerns that FICA was an “overly broad, expansive law”, and that it basically gives powers to censor, impose restrictions and demand information from individuals and organisations suspected of undertaking online communications activity on behalf of a foreign principal.

In opposing the second reading of the FICA on 4th October, Kirsten Han demands that a multi-party Select Committee should be appointed to carry out extensive public consultation on the issue of “foreign interference”.

Kirsten Han’s actions have certainly raised more suspicions on her motivations of stopping the FICA from being passed, rather then attracting support for her cause.

So suspicious was her intent, that a seemingly misleading website FICA.SG, filled with rather biased and lopsided views of FICA, was registered very recently, and that the website also contained direct links to Kirsten Han’s petition page against FICA.

Before this article gets accused of being just another baseless writing to slam lady heroine Kirsten Han, let us look at some facts derived from actual research (not hearsay). This might get lengthy, but please bear with me.

Involvement in New Naratif and George Soros

In 2017, an online journalism platform and purported independent media outlet New Naratif was established by human rights and freedom fighter heroic duo Thum Ping Tjin and Kirsten Han. What most Singaporeans did not know at that time, was that the New Naratif was founded using donations from American billionaire investor George Soros. For the uninitiated, George Soros is a well known philanthropist in the United States, who is notorious for donating large sums of money to political candidates/groups in the United States.


In 2004, George Soros donated a whopping $23m to various groups aimed at defeating George W Bush in the Presidential elections, and in 2012, donated over $1m to a political group backing Barrack Obama. One need not guess what the intentions of such a mogul are behind his donations towards setting up New Naratif, an online journalism platform which frequently mocks, and slams Singapore.

Writer for Foreign Policy Magazine

A quick search of Kirsten Han’s name on Google would turn up some rather interesting finds. One of these finds, was how Kirsten Han had been vigorously writing articles for the Foreign Policy Magazine since 2018. In particular, the majority of these articles were aimed at blasting the Singapore government, including “Singapore Isn’t The Next Hong Kong” where she accuses the Singapore Government of oppressing and manipulating mainstream media, and in “Asia’s Authoritarians Are Big Fans of Regulating Facebook”, where she slammed the Singapore Government for grilling Facebook executives over their involvement in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Lest we forget, Foreign Policy is an American news publication owned by the Graham Holdings Company (formerly known as The Washington Post Company), which regularly contributes to US political candidates, and heavily involves itself in political lobbying. What is Kirsten Han doing writing for a foreign owned publication with such political links?

Links to Forum Asia (Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development)

On 10th October 2019, Forum-Asia (Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development) published a statement titled “Singapore: End state-sanctioned disinformation campaign against Kirsten Han”, in which it expressed concern over the disinformation spread about New Naratif founder Kirsten Han. More specifically, Forum-Asia accused the Singapore Government of escalating government sanctioned harassment against Kirsten Han, and framing her as an agent of foreign influence.

One must wonder what sort of relationship does Kirsten Han have with an organisation such as Forum-Asia, for them to pen an exclusive article for the sole purpose of defending Kirsten Han’s heroic efforts of fighting for democracy in a democratic country like Singapore. Particularly, when some of Forum-Asia’s biggest donors are American organisations like the Ford Foundation, and Freedom House, both of which have strong ties to American politicians.

Final Thoughts

FICA is the one kryptonite which can stop all instances of foreign influence in Singapore. It is targeted against those who are doing harm or who wish to do harm to Singapore through the auspices of foreign principals.

With Kirsten Han’s extensive links and relations to foreign political powers, one can only wonder why Kirsten Han is so adamant on fighting FICA.

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