Man in Woodlands Carelessly Steps on Wood Block with Rusty Nail, Proceeds to Blame LTA for his Injury

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Most of us have been told from a young age by our parents to always watch where we were walking. This is a very wise piece of advice meant to protect us from injuring ourselves while walking around unfamiliar places.

However, one such man probably decided to ignore this piece of advice, and ended up with an injury, and later decided to blame the LTA for his misfortune.

Taking to Facebook to air his grievances, Fu Qing Sheng (Pinyin translated from Chinese), described how he was walking along Block 589 Woodlands Ave 1 on Monday morning, and decided to cross the road by stepping into a grass patch area which recently had construction works completed, and stepped on a piece of wooden block with a rusty nail.

According to Fu, the pain was too intense for him to walk, as the nail had pierced through his shoes and into his foot. Fu could only make his way to the doctor after letting the pain in his foot subside a little.

What’s interesting thereafter was that, Fu decided to call up LTA to lodge a complaint about his unfortunate injury. After the customer service staff took down his details, Fu was told that a LTA officer will contact him for further assistance.

Fu later complained that 24 hours had passed, and not one LTA officer had contacted him regarding the incident, and slammed the LTA for being “such an efficient department”.

We owe it to ourselves to always be careful when making our way across unfamiliar places. Why does LTA or any other authority for that matter have to be liable for a person’s carelessness? Do you agree?

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