Three Women Rallied Over 300 Others to Donate Supplies to Workers Affected by COVID in Jurong Westlite Dormitory

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Three women came together to organise a group to donate much needed supplies to the workers affected by COVID in the Westlite Dormitory at Jalan Tukang, Jurong.

On Wednesday (13th Oct), a group of three women in their thirties decided to set up a chat group on Wechat, and shared their calls for donations to the workers to their friends. To their pleasantly surprise, over 300 people responded to the call, donating all sorts of supplies to the workers.

According to one of the women Madam Hu (37 years-old), the majority of the people in the chat group were new migrants from China, full-time mothers, or workers from China here on employment passes. Madam Hu emphasied that they are not wealthy, but seeing their fellow countrymen in need, motivated them to do something to help.

Among the supplies donated, included 200 boxes of apples, masks, hand sanitizers, food, and medicine. These supplies were sent to the worker’s dormitory last night, and is expected to help over 2000 workers there.

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