Scammers Now Targeting Netflix Users, Sends Victims Email Claiming Subscription Had Expired

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In the latest spate of online scams, the scammers are targeting Netflix users in Singapore. “Ki-te Quijano” posted a screenshot of an email she purportedly received from Netflix, informing her that her Netflix account had expired and that she needed to click a button to “sign in” and update her subscription.

“Ki-te Quijano” who felt that the email was rather suspicious, decided to check on her Netflix app, before clicking on the email link. And, lo and behold, “Ki-te Quijano” Netflix was working perfectly fine, and had not expired like the email claimed.

By clicking on the link, “Ki-te Quijano” could have not only lost her Netflix account, but potentially expose her mobile device or computer to malware which could steal information like credit card details and passwords to her social media accounts.

“Ki-te Quijano” had shared the screenshot on Facebook group Complaint Singapore, with hopes of warning others about this new type of scam.

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