Woman Goes for TCM Treatment at Ang Mo Kio Beauty Salon, Ends Up With Burn Wounds on Stomach

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There are many who swear by TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatments for their ailments or even for overall health wellness.

However, a woman got more than she wanted at a beauty salon in Ang Mo Kio, where she had facial treatments, a massage, before undergoing a moxibustion session – a form of therapy where mugwort leaves are burned on a person’s acupoints to.

After just 10 mins into the moxibustion session, Madam Zheng started feeling a painful burning sensation at her stomach where the moxibustion was being done. Thinking that it was normal to feel the pain, she tolerated the pain for another 20 mins until the session was over.

The following day, she realised that the area where the moxibustion was done, had a large blister full of yellow pus. After seeing the doctor, she was told that the blister was a result of a burn injury which resulted in bacteria infection, and was given antibiotics and pain killers.

Madam Zheng contacted the beauty salon, and told them what the doctor said, but the staff at the beauty salon insisted that the yellow pus was actually the body toxins leaving her body.

Madam Zheng felt that the beauty salon was responsible for her injury, and her subsequent month long of pain and suffering while she recovered from the injury. Madam Zheng is now demanding for $10,000 in compensation from the beauty salon.

Reporters who visited the beauty salon was told that the owner was unavailable for comment.


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