Facebook User Exposes NTUC for Overcharging Their Seafood by 68%

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Following claims by a Tiktok user @ninamonzolevska that NTUC had overcharged its customers by purportedly “over weighing” and overcharging for a packet of chicken breast, a Facebook user by the name of “SG Cray Cray” posted another video alleging that NTUC had inflated the price of a pre-packed salmon fish fillet.

In the video, a pre-packed salmon fillet with a label showing a weight of 296g and a price of $9.15, was placed on one of the NTUC outlet’s weighing scales, which showed that the salmon fillet only weighed 176g and would have cost $5.40 at the most. This meant that the salmon fillet’s price had been inflated by a staggering 68%.

Responding to queries by the media, an NTUC spokesman only commented that the “over weighed” chicken breast and salmon fillet were the result of human errors. The spokesman also urged all consumers who had been overcharged, to contact them directly.

As part of a follow up to the investigations, similar checks conducted at Sheng Siong and Cold Storage outlets, did not find that they overcharged its customers, in fact, both Sheng Siong and Cold Storage had provided more chicken and fish than what was indicated on the labels.


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