Man Allegedly Discovers Styrofoam in Concrete Wall of His HDB Flat After Tearing Down Wall

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HDB flats are known to be solidly built and meant to last for a very long time. However, a man who took to Facebook to share his finding, seems to think otherwise.

In Facebook group “Complaint Singapore”, Keenon Lee Pei Hong shared a video of a toilet wall that he had torn down from his HDB, presumably for renovation purposes. In the video, it could be clearly seen that the concrete walls of his HDB flat were apparently filled with Styrofoam and cardboard.

Many netizens were quick to defend the quality of the HDB flats. One netizen pointed out that it was light weight concrete approved by BCA, there were also those who claim that it was a non-structural wall, and did not need to be made out of solid concrete.

In Singapore, before any buildings are constructed, regardless of whether they are for commercial or residential purposes, the designs and specifications have to be approved by BCA (Building Construction Authority), which has strict standards governing the use of materials and design. This is followed by a strict inspection by the BCA authorities after the building has been constructed to ensure that all requirements have been fulfilled, before it be can approved for use.

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