Woman Seeks Justice for Dog Hit By Driver On Upper Paya Lebar Road, Netizens Blame Woman For Letting Dog Out Instead

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In a very lengthy post shared on the Facebook page of SG Road Vigilante – SGRV, a woman described how much pain and emotional turmoil she went through after her dog Luca was ran over by a “reckless driver” along Upper Paya Lebar Road under the Bartley viaduct.

The post was accompanied by a video posted by a witness, which captured the moment that the dog was ran over by a car, after it wandered onto the road. In the video, a car which possibly belonged to the dog’s owner, could be seen stopped in the middle of road with its hazard lights on. It was unclear at this point how the dog ended up wandering along the public road, and why it was not leashed.

However, netizens responding to the woman’s call for justice, did not blame the said “reckless” driver, but instead blamed the woman for letting the dog loose on the road and causing its death. Some also commented that the driver could have been distracted by her car which was parked in the middle of the road, and did not see the dog. Others said that it would have been dangerous for the driver to jam his brakes, which might have caused an accident.

Though we sympathize with the woman’s loss of her beloved pet dog, this accident could very well have been prevented if the dog was leashed, or if she had taken steps to prevent the dog from coming out of the car.

We hope the dog finds peace and joy crossing the rainbow bridge.

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