Woman Claims TADA Driver Haphazardly Dropped Her Family Off in The Middle of the Road Outside Hospital and Sped Off

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On 1st September, Nurul Yuyun had booked a TADA ride to KK Hospital for her child’s medical appointment.

According to Nurul, the driver who picked her up appeared to be very annoyed in the heavy morning traffic and was weaving in and out of traffic dangerously.

Upon reaching their destination at KK hospital, the driver did not ask Nurul where to drop them off, but instead stopped his vehicle in the middle of the road outside the hospital, and hurried them out of his car.

But before Nurul could retrieve her stroller from the back of the car, the TADA driver apparently sped off, causing Nurul’s 2 year-old son to fall down onto the pavement.

Sharing her experience on the Facebook group Complaint Singapore, Nurul said that her family were frightened by the encounter, but were fortunate to be safe from harm.

Netizens commenting on Nurul’s post said that she should not be using Facebook to air her grievances, but that she should report the matter to TADA and the traffic police so that the errant driver can be dealt with appropriately.

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