Bizarre Man on Bus Makes Fist Gesture At Woman Sitting In front of Him, Spews Vulgarities and Threatens to Beat Her Up

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In a rather bizarre scene, a man who is believed to have been aggravated somehow by a female passenger seated in front of him, started kicking the female’s seat, and even made a fist gesture, threatening to beat the female passenger.

This incident happened on Saturday (24th Sep), at around 7.50pm, onboard SMRT bus service 14, travelling towards Bedok.

In a video posted on Facebook, the man could be seen spewing vulgarities at the woman seated in front of him for no apparent reason. He later makes a fist like gesture, and threatens to beat her up.

The video was apparently secretly taken by a fellow passenger who was seated near this bizarre man.

The bizarre man was kicked out of the bus by the bus captain, after his actions were reported by a fellow passenger who feared for the safety of the woman and other passengers.

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